"Mulitple Linear Regression"

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Hi there, this is my first post and I just started using Rapid Miner because I got project to do on my college and I hope to get some help and answers here...
Anyway, important think is that I have to use version 4.2.of Rapid Miner in my project because my professor demands it.  :-\

I have a very large Excel dataset with over 50000 rows and I have to apply multiple linear regression on that dataset. In version 4.2. I found only"LinearRergression" parameter and I wanted to ask can I use that parameter for multiple regression ? If I can, where can I specify variables ?  ???

Any help is welcome, text, link or video tutorial that can show mi how to apply multiple linear regression on Excel dataset...

Thanks.  8)


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    RapidMiner 4.2? Quite the latest version, uhh?

    Anyway, I'm asking myself what does Multiple linear regression mean: Multiple attributes or multiple labels? The linear regression of RapidMiner handles Multiple attributes itself, while for multiple lables you have to use Vector Linear Regression if I remember correctly...

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