"Display Decision Tree from rapidminer"

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I have generated xml from java
then i passed xml to process and run the process
after that how can i get the  tree img from rapidminer?

Process process = new Process(readFileAsString(x));
       IOContainer ioResult = process.run();
TreeModelGraphRenderer gr = new TreeModelGraphRenderer();
        Component visualizationComponent = gr.getVisualizationComponent(model, ioResult);
        GraphCreator<String, String> graphCreator = gr.getGraphCreator(model, ioResult);
        edu.uci.ics.jung.graph.Graph createGraph = graphCreator.createGraph();

As per Class TreeModelGraphCreator
Author IngoMierswa 
An adaptor for the graph creator interface. Subclasses might want to override some of the implemented methods and have to define the GraphCreator.createGraph() method.
do we need to override createGraph() method. if so can u give some clue how can i do it to get the graph?



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