Help requested to apply Data Stream Mining Plugin

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I wish to try the effect of Data Stream Mining Plugin,

I have tried several combinations including the combination below:
          Root[1] (Process)
          +- ExampleSource[1] (ExampleSource)
          +- DataStreamProvider[1] (DataStreamProvider)
            +- BayBoostStream[0] (BayBoostStream)
                +- NaiveBayes[0] (NaiveBayes)

But errors occurs as following:
P Sep 15, 2008 6:04:04 PM: [Fatal] NullPointerException occured in 1st application of * DataStreamProvider (DataStreamProvider)

Does anyone successfully apply either of data stream mining operator, such as DataStreamProvider or ConceptDriftSimulator?  I will appreaciate very much if you can share the experience with me.

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