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Wolfsburg2011Wolfsburg2011 Member Posts: 40 Contributor II
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I have an xlsx file from MF 2007, now I want to Import it in RM. but it is not possible, while it is not suportet by it. How can I solve This Problem? Thanke a lot for your Note. :)


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    colocolo Member Posts: 236 Maven

    as I assume from your following post you found a way to solve this by yourself. I would have suggested to save the Excel file in a compatible format (xls or csv).

    Btw. I don't know why you are posting to this board. This definitely is a question belonging to "Problems and Support".

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    Wolfsburg2011Wolfsburg2011 Member Posts: 40 Contributor II
    Hi Matthias,
    thanks a lot for your solution, I did it, but I wantet to Know, can I do it direkt without changing his format in csv!
    I want to know, can I write it in Access format. i.o. can I export it in Access format? I did it, but I got an error that says "Database could not be opened" even though I had given my csv file as DATABASE_ FILE. Thank you for your help ???
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