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Hey I need again some help,

i have some difficulties to understand the documentation.
i want simply to save some values in a column.
I the doc there is an example with "for (Example example : exampleSet) {...."
But i want (of course) to set some single values.
I have tried with for AbstractAttribute.setValue..without success. Can help anyone?
Thx in advance!


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    Marco_BoeckMarco_Boeck Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,996 RM Engineering

    you need the example and the attribute you want to change the value of.
    Attribute attribute = exampleSet.getAttributes().get("nameOfAttribute")
    to get the attribute
    example.setValue(attribute, 85.0d);
    example.setValue(attribute, "hello world!");
    to change the value.

    An alternative would be to create an ExampleSet yourself from scratch, however that's probably not what you need ;)
    MemoryExampleTable table = new MemoryExampleTable(listOfAttributes); // a list with Attributes
    // example of how to fill the double array
    doubleArray = new double[listOfAttributes.size()];
    // nominal attribute
    Attribute attNominal = listOfAttributes.get(0);
    doubleArray[0] = attNominal.getMapping().mapString("hello world!");
    // numerical attribute
    Attribute attNumerical = listOfAttributes.get(1);
    doubleArray[1] = 85.0d;
    table.addDataRow(new DoubleArrayDataRow(doubleArray)); // doubleArray is a double array with as many entries as the table has attributes
    ExampleSet exampleSet = table.createExampleSet();
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