"Problem: No Plot in R Console"

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Hi there,

first, I have to admit, that I'm very new to R and Rapidminer :-D

At the moment I use the R Console (beside others) to calculate the crosscorrelation of a timeseries dataset.

I know, that plotting is not possible in a normal rapidminer process... But, this should work on the R Console, right? :-) At least I´ve seen this on a video on the web...
But I don't get this to work  :-\
When executing the command, I'll receive a message telling that there is no active and no standard device (free translation, in german: "kein aktives und kein Standarddevice").

I would be glad if somebody could point me in the right direction! :-)



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    denmladenmla Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    im having same problem...anyone knows solution to this?
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