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RapidAnalytics seems to contain some comfortable mail functions (e.g. resetting forgotten passwords for users themselves). But I am not sure how to configure this. The web interface itself doesn't offer much options. E-Mail configuration tab just complains about a missing com.rapidanalytics.mail.jndi_name. JBoss contains a configuration file rapidanalytics\server\default\deploy\mail-service.xml. Do I need to configure an existing mail server here or is there some other way? The PHP mail function for example allows sending mails without a mail server being configured (certainly using a small local SMTP server). Is there something similar possible? I'd be glad if you could outline the necessary steps for mail configuration. This could also be another interesting part for the manual (if you have some spare time someday ;))...



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    you'll have to define a mail service as java:/Mail. Try to google for JBoss mail service or get EE support :-)

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