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Dear All,

I want to use the loop operators of RM to generate a report:
In a survey we had a lot of questions. For each question I want to create a bars-plot for each question on single page within a pdf-file.
So the loop should be based on the attribute "question", right? If so, is the operator "Loop attributes" the correct one? I tried this operator, but it does not work ...

Thanks in advance!



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    Hi currant,

    if you have each question as an example in your example set, you should use "Loop Examples". Otherwise you might have to give a little info about the structure of your data, if you need further suggestions.

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    Dear Matthias, dear all

    here is my table:
    so, the loop should generate a bar plot for the question 07 on one side of the pdf-file, then on the next side of the pdf-file the bar plot for question 08 and so on.
    Probably it is very easy to design the loop process, but ...

    Thanks a lot
  • currantcurrant Member Posts: 14 Contributor II
    Hi All,

    ... after hours of searching and testing, I found out how to introduce the loop...

    I use now the Loop Values-operator (select the attribute "question"; set the iteration macro = loop_value);
    inside the loop value-operator I use the "Filter example"-operator with condition class = attribute_value_filter and parameter string = "question = %{loop_value}"

    I hope some other people can use this process-info.

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    Thank you so much, this post was a huge help, I'd be struggling with the same problem for a while now.
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