How to view IOCollection objects

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Hi Matthias and all,

I Just started Rapid Analytics, and The output of my RapidMiner is IOCollection, because it is a Iteration process.
I have stored the Output in RapidAnalytics repositiry. But while I am trying to see the result (either meta-data or in the form of HTML etc), I am unable to see it.
It is showing as "Collection". How can I view this collection?

Thank you



  • colocolo Member Posts: 236 Maven
    Hi Anki,

    this sounds like you are trying to view the results via web interface. I didn't try to open a collection there and don't have access to our server right now. Did you try to open the data from the repository view within RapidMiner?

  • AnkiAnki Member Posts: 39 Maven
    Hi Matthias,

    Exactly, I am trying to view via web interface. Yes, I am able to open iand view it from rapidminer interface.

    Thank you

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