"Web Browsers Won't work after installing Rapidminer 5"

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I'm  a total newbie...I just installed Rapid miner and after installation neither chrome nor firefox will connect to the internet.  I've verified that the problem is not my internet connection as I'm able to connect via another machine on the same network using either browser and also my antivirus is still updating on the machine with the Rapid miner.  One thing I noticed was that I had problems with the R extension during installation but disabled the extension afterward.  I'm not sure if this is related to my issue or not.  I uninstalled Rapid miner and restarted the machine and the problem was not resolved.  I'm running on windows 7 and java 6.  Windows reports no network issues using its diagnostic tools.  Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so could you please provide the fix?



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    I'm afraid your problem has nothing to do with RapidMiner itself. I do have the setup script for RapidMiner right here in front of me, and all it does is place the RapidMiner files in the folder you specified, create start menu items, a desktop symbol and register uninstall instructions for the OS. Neither will your browsers be altered, nor your network connections.

    You said you had problems with the R extension during installation. What do you mean by that? Without further information I'm afraid there are alot of possibilities..
    So I'd say reasons for your problem could be (in no particular order): firewall/anti-virus, malware, harddisk failure, RAM failure, some broken OS settings, driver issues or possibly any other reason.

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    Hi Marco,

    thanks for the quick reply.  I searched for a solution today but was unable to fix the issue.  It will be faster to simply rebuild my windows environment.  I will make an image and attempt the RapidMiner install again with only the multi-core extension.  Hopefully it proceeds without any problems and if not I will be better prepared to offer detailed observations of what happened exactly during the process.

    Kind regards,
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