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"Why does RapidMiner Studio fail to start on Mac OS"

User13User13 Member Posts: 155  Guru
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RapidMiner Studio 6.x depends on the Java programming language version 7 which the user has to install himself. This in turn requires at least Mac OS 10.7.3 or newer.


For downloading and installing Java 7, see the following article:
“What is Java and how do I install it?”

If you have Java 6 and 7 installed in parallel, make sure you are using the correct one. To that end, open a terminal and type

java -version

Java 7 will report a version number of 1.7.0. You can then start RapidMiner Studio 6 by just double-clicking “RapidMiner Studio.app”. If that fails, try running RapidMiner-Studio.sh from a terminal. If you see the error message “Unsupported major.minor version 51.0”, this means that you are still using Java 6.

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