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I discovered a really strange issue when building my extension. I have two external jar files included for my eclipse extension project. This means they are expanded and included in the jar file generated for my extension when using the ant build.

Now I modified the code of one of the external procjets, built the extern jar and finally built my project. The changes were not present. An experimental change to another class of the external project made its way into the final application and was present in my extension. After getting crazy about this for at least an hour I inspected the jar files carefully. The external jar file contains all the recent class files, so there everything is fine.

BUT: the jar file built for my extension contains an old version of the class file. I have no idea where this is coming from. I searched my complete hard disk, but was not able to find the old file. Copying the new version from the external jar file to my extension's jar file manually made the changes appear in my extension.

Due to the messages shown in console all external jars are expanded into the release/libfiles folder and imported from there. Finally I noticed that both of my external jars share some packages and classes with identical paths and names. The class file in question seems to be taken from the jar file, where no modifications were applied.

Any suggestions how to avoid this? Maybe defining different paths for different jar files before combining them into a single one? Or will this make methods unreachable? I guess there is a simple solution, but I have been struggling with this too long now and lost my objective view ;)

Thank you in advance!


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    I'd say it's pretty simple: Do never ever under any circumstance use the same package and classname, or you may find yourself in a situation like this :P

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    don't judge me that fast! ;)
    I did not do this, but I had to discover that the guys from Stanford NLP group use similar packages and classes for their POS-tagger and NER-system. Finally overwriting the POS-tagger's classes with the ones I modified for the NE-recognizer got things working.

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