Discretize with same bins

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This is probably something really simple but I couldn't find a solution.

If I create a model based on discretization by frequency, can the bin boundaries be extracted from a different dataset?
If not, how can a model be applied on unlabeled examples? The bins will have different boundaries if run through the discretize by frequency operator.
From the help it seems like there should be a checkbox for "return preprocessing model" which should do what I am asking, but the checkbox is not there.
It might be that the pre output is always enabled.
Even if I use the "pre" output of the discretize node, how do I apply to the dataset?


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    iasoniason Member Posts: 20 Contributor II
    I think "apply model" with pre connected to mod works correctly.
    Should have tried around more before posting.
    Help is misleading, however.
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