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i want to put the operator select attributes in a java application.The problem is when i  use the parameter attribute filter type=subset cause i dont know how to put this list in java.i tried this below but it put this attributes in the first list and i want in the second.

                select_attributes.setParameter("invert_selection", "true");
                select_attributes.setParameter("include_special_attributes", "true"); 
                select_attributes.setParameter("attribute_filter_type", "subset");
                List<String[]> attributeList = new LinkedList<String[]>();
                // List<String[]> attributeList2 = new LinkedList<String[]>();
                  attributeList.add(new String[] {"label","metadata_file"});
                  attributeList.add(new String[] {null,"metadata_path"});
                  attributeList.add(new String[] {null,"metadata_date"});

has anyone any solution??


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