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Hello, just getting going here. I have been through the tutorial and getting ready to experiment in my own data. I have added "NewLocalRepository2" at the repository interactive tab. I pointed this to a file called "test play" on my desktop. The files I want to access have copies in the desktop folder but these files don't appear in the repository browser. So starting a new job using the retrieve operator the repository entry selector brings up a window to select a repository browser which is identical file map as the repository directory tab (meaning that no files appear) with a bar below showing the location //NewLocalRepository2/ choice and wanting Name to be entered. Why do the entries in the "test play" desktop folder not appear?  Alternatively how exactly do I find the existing NewLocalRepository in the coomputer file manager so that I may add data to the existing NewLocalRepository?

I have searched through this blog to try and assure that I am not repeating a previous post. I am surprised there is no one else with this problem showing up, so I must be missing an easy step somewhere - forest for the trees or something.


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    I'm sorry. I can't delete this and it is wasting time resources. I just skimmed the directions too fast. I assumed (wrongly) that I could just dump csv files into the repository with file managers.

    I will try to actually have a problem if I post again.
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