Get meta data from database with Macro-values in SQL-request

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I want to thank you first for this great software, it's really intuitive to use :)

I use it for my project for several weeks now. The problem is that I have to use macro-values in the WHERE-clause of some SQL-requests in my process. The big disadvantage is that RapidMiner is not able to get the meta data in this case, so in all following operators I have to type everything manually (in fact I can not use the advantages of the meta data in nearly the whole process).

Now I'm not sure how the meta data gathering method is implemented internally at the moment, but I guess it should be possible if just the SELECT and FROM-clause is used to load a line from the database and get the meta information, because all additional clauses should not be needed for this process. So there should be no problem anymore if a macro is used in the WHERE clause.

Do you think it would be possible to implement it like that in future?

At least for me it would be big advantage :)

Best regards,
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