SMV question - all the same predictions

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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to data mining so am trying to understand some of the results I'm getting. I've been using the libsvm operator available to predict my data. I used an epsilon regression with a radial basis kernel (b/c there are non-linear relationships) and optimized the parameters by randomly sampling 5000 examples out of a total 25000 or so. I then went back and trained the SVM on the whole training set(22000) and tested on the OOS set (3000) or so. I think I may have done something wrong because I get very strange results, e.g. the predictions the SVM model gives me for my out of sample data is all the same (e.g. -.5 for all my OOS data). This is obviously incorrect, but I am unsure how to interpret the results to track down my error. Any ideas would be great.

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