"MAC OSX R extension installation solution"

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I have had great difficulty getting the R extension to work on my MAC OSX 10.6.8 computer.  When trying to debug this problem I visited this website and none of the suggested solutions that I found worked.  But while searching the web ("Google is your friend!") I discovered a "trick" that works for me.  (The solution was posted relating to another piece of software, not rapidminer, and the discussion can be found here:  http://developer.berlios.de/forum/forum.php?forum_id=34398). ; So, for anyone who has followed the instructions to install the rapidminer R extension and rapidminer loads without repeatedly giving you that annoying "R initialization dialog", but, whenever you try to run an R process you get an error message "Could not initialize R via JRI", then try this:  start rapidminer in a terminal window and then, in the same window, start an interactive session with R.  The instructions are these:

java -jar full_path_of_rapidminer.jar

Open the terminal first and enter the first line.  Wait for rapidminer to load.  Then, in the same terminal window, enter the next two instructions.  In my case, the R extension works after doing so.

By the way, if anyone can describe a nice, clean way to install the R extension on MAC OSX without this "ugly work-around" I would appreciate hearing about it.  Rapidminer is a great piece of software, but R is so powerful that one cannot really "walk away from it" just for the many conveniences offered by Rapidminer.  The combination of the two packages makes for a POWERFUL data mining solution.  It would be really nice if the two packages not only knew how to "play nicely with each other" but really learned to "fall in love with each other"!  ;D

I hope this post will save some other OSX users some time and frustration.
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