Interrupting plotters

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I have a dataset with 50000 examples and 84 attributes and - I must admit - I'm not always knowing what I'm doing (except learning ... )

So, I just click through the various plotters and very often, my Core-i7 doesn't come back and I need reach out to the Task Manager to kill RM.
Is there a more elegant way of doing that?

Also, I notice that the Dimensions selection box seems to work upside down.
Example Quartile plot: I see my 84 attributes listed. I select the first and shift-click on the third, expecting it would select attributes 1, 2, 3.
But rather it selects attributes 3 .. 84.

With Quartile, that's not too bad - but trying the same on 'Scatter Multiple' is desasterous ..



  • MariusHelfMariusHelf RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,869 Unicorn
    Hi Stefan,

    you are right, in some situations the current implementation of the plotters has some hiccups. But be prepared for a beta release of RapidMiner during the next week featuring a brand new plotter interface which will offer a fluent user experience. You can create scatter plots overlaying a bar chart of the averages, or a instead of (or additionally to :) )  the bars a band showing the mean and standard deviation. Basically you can combine any plot with any plot and create aggregations directly in the plotter configuration :)
    And the selection of attributes shown on the plot has also been completely reworked, so the selection problem will also be gone.

  • Stefan_EStefan_E Member Posts: 53 Maven
    Thanks - I'm just in the process of hunting another bug, which I fixed in 5.0 source, submitted, got a confirmation that it was "more properly fixed" in 5.1 and now breaks someplace nearby. Not looking for more beta releases!

    (Sorry for the rant!; see bug reports 401, 952, possibly 720, not at all related to plotters)

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