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I am a student who have a thesis on data mining topic. I`ve tried rapid miner 5.0 application. I think it`s a the powerfull application datamining that i`ve tried. Have a great GUI,have a many models and operators. I love this application. Back to the case,I already able to run some model, and evaluation model on my own data. But here the problem. Run the data mining in the GUI RM is not enough for my thesis. I must run it to my own java application.

Here my question, I`ve read some topic in this forum and i read the easiest way is to throw the XML code in RM GUI to my application. But the problem is if i only throw the xml code, so my application is not dynamic,isnt it?
How if i want to change the data and change the paramater (example in model k-means, change k=2 to k=6) ?
Is there a simple sample code that i can try on my case?

Thank you for the explanation...


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    basically, you have multiple options available. You can create the process(es) via the RM Gui, and then use java code in your application to create a Process object from the xml and execute it. To change process operator parameters on the fly, you can either use macros instead of fixed parameter values (and use the Process object to read/change these macro values in your application), or you can get the operators of the process directly and change their parameters. The third option is to create the process not via loading a previously saved process xml file, but creating it by hand yourself, however that is not that easy and there are some pitfalls if you're not familiar with the RM code, so I wouldn't recommend that.

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