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I am not sure whether this is already possible in RapidMiner, so I dare to ask:
I recognized this nice "about"-window in RapidMiner Taskbar containing information about all loaded plugins. Question: It is possible to add something like this to the preferences-dialog ? Or maybe add a separate preferences-dialog for every plugin to the task bar ? Plugins implementing certain interfaces could make use of this.

I am currently developing a group of operators having common parameters. To easy their use I would like to allow the users to set preferenced parameters globally...<= motivating example

thanks in advance,



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    Hi Steffen,

    I think this should already be possible by following this property name scheme:

    rapidminer.<your_plugin_name>.<first_subgroup>.<next_subgroup>. ... .<parameter_name>

    For example, you could invoke the following method

    RapidMiner.registerRapidMinerProperty(new ParameterTypeBoolean("rapidminer.my_plugin.my_property", "Tooltip for your property", true));
    in a static block of a class which is definitely loaded during plugin loading. I did not test it but it probably works.

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    steffensteffen Member Posts: 347 Maven
    Hello Ingo

    I just want to report that it worked. thank you very much ! 

    One additional remark for other developers: (4.2 release)
    To apply one's own default properties without using the SettingsDialog you have to perform a call like this:

    new SettingsTabs().applyProperties();
    Another option is to perform a check whether the property has been set or not.

    kind regards,

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