Getting ExampleSet From XML

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Hi there,

in addition to my topic "Getting XML by Webservices" I wish to create an ExamleSet by reading XML from a Webservice, may be by temporary saving the received XML.

The operator I need, require and use, is the Read XML Operator.

I used the Import Configuration Wizard and it works well, but i got as the result only an ExampleSet lists the ordinaray numbers of the data sets.

I don't get the important data. Why not?
[answer by myself : i can address every element by XPATH, but the data relations inside are not fixed to an specific amount and may additionally optional]

Can RM handle with this kind of complexe xml data ? Can I work with an XML with complexe data structure and if yes how I get a strutured DataSet  like an ExampleSet ? If not , i need to program an extension ?

the xml structure is like
 <result id=1>
  <data> <att1></att1><att2> ... </att2>... <attn></attn> </data>

thx for help
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