"PERMGEN - java.lang.outofmemory error"

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Hello guys. Iam new to rapidminer.

I am trying to create a script using 'excecute script' operator.

The scripts just tries to extract information from all the examples (3500 in total).

But on excecution it throws a permgen error.

If i limit the no of examples to 16, the error is not thrown.

Kindly help me to increase this size

I already tried using java -Xms and java -Xmx options.

The system does not have a jre and rapid miner uses its own local jre. (I unninstalled other jre versions due to this problem)


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    hmm, hard to say without seeing the process or the script. I would suggest that you post your XML description (from the XML view of RapidMiner) here and I am sure we could tell more.


    P.S.: Please don't double post in the future.
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