How to import/open the existing workflow/packages posted on myexperiment.com?

huaiyanggongzihuaiyanggongzi Member Posts: 39 Contributor II
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I am learning to use Rapidminer, and downloaded the workflow file/packages from myexperiment.com, but I have never being able to use them by either choosing “import process” or “open” button in Rapidminer. The error message is this, i.e., Exception: com.rapidminer.tools.XMLExceptionMessage: Cannot parse document: Content is not allowed in prolog.  Can anyone let me know what’s the correct approach for importing existing workflows created by other users. Thanks.


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    haddockhaddock Member Posts: 849 Maven

    The myexperiment.com process repository needs the myExperiment extension to be installed, so in RapidMiner go 'Help'->'Update RapidMiner'->'Community'. You'll need to restart as I remember.

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