"store text predicted to a label in special folder"

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Hi @ all!

First of all I'd like to thank for the help I already got by reading the previous topics and post.

I have a question I could not find a topic about, so I start a new one. I did a text analysis to classify texts to two different classes. That worked very well. At the end it would by nice to present the results - the content of the texts - to the boss. Are there any ideas to do this.

My ideas would be:
1. store the texts according to the assigned (predicted) label in a special folder (one folder for each class)
2. extract the basic concepts of the texts in one class and write them to a txt-file. With "basic concepts" I mean the words or phrases that have the most important influence for the made decision
3. graphical presentation of the texts in the RM GUI

Thanks to all in advenced. I'm looking forward reading your replys!
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