[SOLVED]content is not allowed in prolog!

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Hi forum,

I want to run an xml file of a process stored in "resources" folder of my own java project.
process = new Process("E:\\M\\Eclipse_After20-11-90\\eclipse\\WS\\MDME\\bin\\com\\rapidminer\\resources\\PredesignedProcessClustering1Day.xml");
But there is a problem:
[Fatal Error] :1:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.
Any idea please? Any help would be appreciated.


  • haddockhaddock Member Posts: 849 Maven

    The answer to your problem can rather appropriately be found by searching this forum for the following...


  • siamak_wantsiamak_want Member Posts: 98 Contributor II
    Hi Haddock,

    Most of the times, you go to the answer straightforward.  By reading the post you mentioned, my problem was solved.

    I didn't think that a simple "ARRRGGGHHHH" can solve my problem.:)

    Thanks again Haddock,
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