Installing on WIndows 7

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Well, I've attempted installation at least a dozen times now, and get a new problem each time. Issues have included:

- installation failed because the network name is no longer available
- installation failed because [manual.pdf] is open by another application
- installation failed because UNC path names cannot be used for the local directory (elevated command prompt)
- installation failed because somebody in the script attempted to use a drive letter to find something it needed*

* In this case, I ran the script from C:\windows\system32, calling it using the UNC path to the .bat file. This began execution okay, but at some point the drive letter currently associate with the UNC path to the .bat file was used to call something, and the script crashed at that point ("Y:\ does not exist" or something like that).

and several more errors. So, what I'm hoping for is some key element of installation that I'm missing.

I'm running the RapidAnalytics-Installer.bat from an elevated command prompt
Specifying first a networked drive (using UNC path name), and when that failed
Specifying the c:\windows\system32 path for installation
The .zip file containing the installer and everything else is located on a NAS drive, so when I execute the .bat file it looks like:


Do I need to unzip everything into C:\windows\system32 in order to install it there with an elevated cmd prompt?


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    Kirk_FlemingKirk_Fleming Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    Appears to have installed successfully and am now able to start the service.
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    ravishankarravishankar Member Posts: 6 Contributor II
    I am exactly in the same situation as described... Tried it a dozen time using all the three methodology...But to no help..
    Can anyone guide with the series of steps or the prerequisites?

    Thanks in Advance.
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