time series data : "microarray data clustering"

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Hi there
hope u all doin well, i need ur suggestions and experience , i am just starting using rapidminer , some how confused. 
i have microarray data sets which a time series data, need to apply several similarity measure let it be (a,b,c...and N: similarity measure method), and then apply several clustering method for each result let it be  (1,2,3...and M: clustering Alg.). to get results[ [a1,a2,a3,...aM],[b1,b2,b3...bM], [c1,c2,c3...cM],[..............,NM]] comparing all results from each row and identify the best depending on cluster validation and evaluation let it be [am,bm,cm,...Nm], then compare this result to identify the final best result let it be nm.

if u have any suggestions for me to get this work done, it will be appreciated .


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    please do not double-post. It will not get your question answered any faster.
    Use this topic: click.

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