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Have you any such mechanism/ability for P2P or Distributed Computing over a LAN cluster, such as Joone's DTE (Distributed Training Environment)? I have studied the tutorial and browsed the packages of the Java APIs but could not seem to find any :(

I did notice a thread from last year RE:P2P, but could not locate the solution(s)? If YALE/RapidMiner has this ability, a link to the documentation of it would be most appreciated.



Answer by Ingo;

Hello Tia,

we are currently in the process of parallizing some operators so that multicore systems are better supported. Later, we will also think about using these parallized versions and using a grid or a peer2peer system to perform the calculations.


Answer by topic starter:


Thanks for your prompt reply! This is exciting news indeed; I very much look forward to these parallizing and grid computing features. Will announcements of these enhancements be posted in the news section of the project page, and/or is there an RSS to which I should subscribe?



Answer by Ingo:

Hi again (sorry for calling you "TIA" before :-),

we provide a (really!) low-traffic newsletter which is only used for new announcements of RapidMiner releases (3 to 5 each year). You can subscribe to this newsletter at


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