Hierarchy of Operators

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Is there any way to obtain a hierarchical list of operators in RapidMiner5. Short of writing each one down, I'm wondering is there is a way to export the list or if there is a list published somewhere.

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    SkirzynskiSkirzynski Member Posts: 164 Maven
    If you have the source code of RapidMiner (see Sourceforge for instance) you can find two files which will help you:
    • RapidMiner_Unuk/resources/com/rapidminer/resources/OperatorsCore.xml - This file is basically your desired hierarchical list of directories and operators. Please note that this XML includes deprecated operators. Furthermore you will only find keys and classes for every operator.
    • RapidMiner_Unuk/resources/com/rapidminer/resources/i18n/OperatorsCoreDocumentation.xml - In this file you will get the english name and synopsis for the operator associated with a key.
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    xplaner800xplaner800 Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    Marcin. This is perfect. Thank you!!
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