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for my bachelor thesis i want to compare how accurate the calculation of the confidence values for different classification algorithms is. However in the documentation I couldn't find how the confidence actually is calculated. Is there a documentation where the calculation methods for each classifier is listed? Or could someone tell me where i can find the calculation in the source code?
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    Actually, the documentation is quite sparse about the internals of the operators, so you probably won't find anything useful there. If you really want to dive into the source code, there is a tutorial on how to get the code into eclipse.
    Once you got that, you can find the class corresponding to a certain operator by first looking up the key of the operator in a file called OperatorsCoreDoc.xml, and then look up the class name for that key in OperatorsCore.xml.
    Modelling operators usually create a model, which then should implement the calculation of confidence values.

    It is probably a good idea to first look for papers describing the "standard way" of calculating confidences for the different methods, and then validate versus the code (or by trying out the models on an easy dataset).

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