"setTableIndex() in an Extension"

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Hi everybody,

Using "How to extend Rapidminer" and the RapidMiner_Extension_Template I was able to put together an extension that works fairly well. However, there is one thing that still poses some trouble to me: I am trying to add a new attribute to an already existing example set. In fact that should not be a big deal, but somehow it does not work correctly. Some of the already existing attributes are simply overwritten with values of the appended one.

In my naive view the solution would be to set the Table index correctly like setTableIndex(n+1) in case i have n already existing attributes. But so far I have not found a way to access how man attributes the example set contains. Is there such a thing like getNumberOfAttributes? Or am I doing this completly wrong?




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    TimboTimbo Member Posts: 14 Contributor II
    Hey guys,

    just solved this one myself. I need to access the underlying example Table, where i can add and remove as many attributes as i want. Works like a charm now.  ;D
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