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Hello friends of the community.
I have a query, working with text mining, clustering, create the verctor TF-IDF and need to export it to an Excel file, it is even easier, use the export operator-data-write excel. But the problem is timely.
My table has 16400 attributes (which are the columns) and when exported to xls, excel, or cvs export just me alone with 256 columns, as it is the ultimate bearer of excel. The solution would be that the columns are rows excel assuming support 16400 rows. There is an operator llamdo "write special format" How could I tell exported as an Excel file columns but rows are there any examples of this?
What I need is to export the TF-IDF vector to read from the MATLAB program to implement fuzzy logic algorithms. So thought export in excel but if there is another way. The final target is to import the TF-IDF vector from matlab to implement algorithms that are not available in Rapid Miner


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    if all you want to do is to switch columns and rows, you can use the Transpose operator and then export via the Write Excel operator.

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