"Intelligent Discovery Assistant (IDA) doesn't complete install"

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Hi.  I have had no luck getting the Intelligent Discovery Assistant 5.1 to run under RM 5.2 and now 5.3 using Windows XP (32).  It always hangs when "Testing Flora2" -- this happens with both the basic installation and also when I tell it to look directly at the files that were installed from the previous attempt.  Here is how far it gets: http://grab.by/jgJY ; The progress bar freezes and javaw shows 0% CPU and 966xxx used, if the 1GB memory threshold is somehow relevant.  This looks like a useful tool and since it is promoted in the store I figure it should run.  Thanks in advance for any workarounds.  Chris


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    dieffendieffen Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    I have been trying to install also and it locks up at the Testing Flora part of the installation.  Are there any installation logs that capture the installation process and help determine what the issue is?

    Thanks for any help,
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    cgkolarcgkolar Member Posts: 29 Maven
    This is some kind of progress: I followed the advice given at

    and downgraded the XSB binaries to an older build and it actually made it through the XSB/FLORA check, but then it threw another error when trying to run the plugin.  I tried to post a bug but there is a bug in bugzilla that does not allow it to recognize 5.3 as a real version yet.  I submitted a ticket for that.
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