"How do I use Windows authentication for Microsoft SQL Server"

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The authentication for MSSQL databases does not work.


Microsoft SQL Server can use integrated Windows authentication to connect without explicitly specifying a username and password, but rather authenticating via the logged in Windows user. This authentication mechanism can also be configured in RapidMiner Studio.


This behavior can be configured as a regular JDBC driver property, as is described in this article:
“How do I configure properties of database connections defined in RapidMiner Studio?”

If the JTDS driver shipped with RapidMiner Studio for Microsoft SQL Server is used, the respective property name is
. This property must be set to “true”. Setting driver properties is possible via the “Advanced” button in RapidMiner Studio's connection editor.

In order for this functionality to work properly, a platform dependent native library file needs to be installed. It can be obtained from http://sourceforge.net/projects/jtds/files/jtds/. Download the ZIP file, locate the file x86/SSO/ntlmauth.dll or x64/SSO/ntlmauth.dll, depending on your architecture, and copy it to a directory on the path, i.e. listed in the Windows %PATH% environment variable. A good candidate is also the lib folder of your Java Runtime installation. If you cannot copy it into a directory on the %PATH%, you need to specifiy the location as parameter to the RapidMiner-Studio.bat startup script.

To do so, call the aforementioned .bat file with the following parameter:


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