"Missing Label Error"

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Hi All!

Im trying to mine with naive bayes, but i get the following error:

Error in: NaiveBayes (NaiveBayes) Input example set does not have a label attribute Many operators like classification and regression methods or the PerformancEvaluator require the input example sets to have a label or class attribute. If this not the case, applying these operators is pointless. If you read the data using an ExampleSource, you can specify the label attribute by using a 'label' tag in the attribute description file.

The problem is that i have a label:


What am I doing wrong?



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    lol.. and while im at it... i tried to mine it with the Feature Weighting from the Wizard, which gives me this error message:

    Error in: Learner (LibSVMLearner) This learning scheme does not have sufficient capabilities for the given data set: polynominal attributes not supported Each learning scheme has particular capabilities for data set handling. For example, some learners can only handle numerical attributes and can not learn from nominal attributes. Please perform a preprocessing step to transform your data set or use an alternative learning scheme. In case of a polynominal label attribute, i.e. a classification task with more than two classes, you can use a learning scheme capable only for binominal classes by wrapping a Binary2MultiClassLearner around the learning operator.

    although i dont have polynominal attributes...
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    could you please post your process XML for the first process?

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