"Error connecting to an IBM DB2 Database"

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I'm trying to connect to an IBM DB2 Database and after recompiling RapidMiner it works pretty good, but I get only access to three tables. Till now I've tried various users including the user user for administrational work, so it should not be a problem with the database rights. Is there a problem accessing various schemas or anything else?

Does someone know this problem and can provide a solution or workaround?

Thanks in advance


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    I've the same problem trying to access an IBM DB2 Database. Is there a solution for this problem?

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    Hi Guys,
    most problems on database connections result from different interpretation of the SQL "standard" by the vendors. For example, there are no two databases using the same characters for quoting...If you believe the JDBC driver would translate this: You are wrong.
    This needs us to install a database of every type and check things out, which causes a very high workload for us.
    But as far as I know the IBM DB2 was checked already (since it is included in the jdbc_properties.xml), but if there is a new version or different setting, the properties might have changed.

    Is there any difference between the database names working and the names not working? This might give us a hint, were it goes wrong.

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