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I'm a Bachelor Student at the Technische Universität Darmstadt and I'm currently trying to use Rapidminer for my thesis.

I have a few questions/problems regarding the Plot View feature. I'm analyzing a CSV sheet of Poker stats which look like this:
id_player	hands	Win%	BB/100	vpip (w/walks)	vpip	pfr	pfr (simple)	vpip/pfr adv
9236 1211 0,21 0,00 21,93 20,48 19,98 18,66 1,10
31364 1031 0,23 0,00 36,11 34,92 11,35 10,96 3,18
43431 9747 0,17 -0,01 23,50 22,85 16,31 15,85 1,44
318 12770 0,18 -0,01 19,68 18,61 15,49 14,64 1,27
11351 7901 0,23 -0,02 26,44 24,95 23,26 21,95 1,14
56886 19753 0,16 -0,02 22,24 21,71 17,37 16,95 1,28
This is just a small extract. I've imported the sheet into a local repository and everything looks fine in the Data View.

I have a few problems in Plot View though:

1. There is no "export image..." Button on the left side when I'm on the scatter graph for example.

2. There is no legend for color if I select a color column (and there is no legend when I select "none" in the color column either)

3. The axes in the Scatter 3D Plot are really weird. For example if I take
VPIP -> x-Axis
PFR -> y-Axis
BB/100 -> z-Axis

All axes are between 0 and 2000 - this makes no sense at all for me. All my values are usually between 0 and 100 with the exception of BB/100 where it's in [-infty;+infty].

I've tried to use the scales settings but it does not work (it simply moves around the points: up or down, left or right etc depending on how I set them.)

Can anyone help me here?

Kind Regards


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    Marco_BoeckMarco_Boeck Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,996 RM Engineering

    1) You can export the current graph via the Export drop-down menu (I admit it is somewhat hidden..) button in the top-right corner of the Plot view.

    2) Hm, I can't reproduce this here.. You could however resort to the Advanced Charts for your scatter plots (right next to the button for the Plot View), just drag&drop the x and y attributes onto the Domain dimension and Empty axis respectively.

    3) Also not able to reproduce this without the data in question.

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