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hi all i am student studying information technology
in University of Palestine in Gaza
the teacher want from us project to do on the Rapid Miner
so plz if any 1 can help in finishing it i will be pleased


here is what she want us to do :-

phase( 1)
Get a Data Set from UCI Repository and perform the data description and histogram using Rapid miner , your Description must include:

The name of Data Set
The source of Data Set
The full Description about the Data Set(name and number of instances and attributes , what the attributes mean,and any other information about the data set)
Insight about the data set (histogram)
Don't forget to put the screen shots from RM
phase (2)
Conduct preprocessing task for the the data set you got in phase 1

If you the data set has missing values then use data cleansing-replace missing values
If not , then use data cleansing- outlier detection (calculate the instances with the missing values and put a screen shot from RM for the outlier results )
phase (3)
Conduct a classification and clustering tasks for the the data set you got in phase 1,2

DO NOT forget to put the screen shots in your report

please use YouTube Comedy Slam Preference Data Data Set

here is it's link http://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets/YouTube+Comedy+Slam+Preference+Data#

if any one want to help me here is my e-mail and thnxxx all



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