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i m new to rapidminer. I am doing my Thesis and I have some Field test data which I need to analyse. To select the set of data or criteria, I have a java Swing GUI and I want to do the analysis(create some plots, histograms) using rapidminer. The created charts needs to saved also automatically. I tried using rapidminer with an example, reading a excel and plotting the graph using the Plot view. But how can i do this process automatically? What I want to kow is how I get the plots displayed on a button click from Java Swing UI and save this chart? Any pointers would be extremely helpful
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    you can have a look at the RendererService class in RapidMiner which is responsible for creating all Renderers. The class SingleResultOverview lines 166+ should also help you a lot.
    And finally you could have a look at the Reporting Extension as it can create and save charts to the disk via operators.

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