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Hi, I am working to classify documents using SVM. I have prepared an excel file having two columns. One column is document name and another column have major key words for a  document. There are about 150 rows of data in file. I have mnaully labeled this data in 8-10 categories. Now, I want to to calculate performance of SVM using this data. All data in file is of text type. Could you please help how can I use SVM for this problem using Rapidminer. Thanks in advance.


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    Does each document belong to exactly one category? Then you can use e.g. the operator Polynominal by Binominal Classification, which creates N model for N classes/categories, where the i-th model decides if a document belongs to the i-th category or not. In literature this method is referred to as 1-vs.-all classification.

    Please note, however, that your results will probably not be as good as expected, since only 150 documents for 10 categories is usually way to few data.

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