Some control over general bubble size in bubble plots

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IMHO one of the foremost shortcomings of RM is the lack of any parameter to control the general bubble size desired in (normal) bubble plots. The user has no control over the minimum and maximum bubble sizes. Sometimes they are so big that they obscure each other to such an extent that one cannot make anything out. Other times they are way too small. Usually I want minimum size to be a pixel or so, and maximum depends on the situation. Allowing the user to specify minimum and maximum bubble size would make things so much easier.

(An alternative would be to define a consistent mapping between attribute value and bubble size, so that the user can control the bubble size through the data. Currently this is also not possible since RM tries to scale the bubbles automatically based on some very obscure rules.)


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    MariusHelfMariusHelf RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,869 Unicorn
    This is definitely a shortcoming, however I suggest to switch to the Advanced Charts for bubble charts. Since you are referring to the "normal" bubble plots I suppose you are already familiar with the "advanced" charts?

    Here you cannot specify the maximum bubble size, either, but at least it is consistent throughout plots.

    Best regards,
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    tennenrishintennenrishin Member Posts: 177 Contributor II
    Thank you Marius.

    The problem with advanced charts is that they are not reportable.

    Besides, the normal bubble plot seems very "sleek and smooth" in all other respects.

    Thanks anyway,
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