Running total column and RSQ

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I am a little stuck and would appreciate guidance from anyone who can help.

1) is it possible to create a column in a dataset that is a running total of another column. ie in excel the column cells would be B2=B1+A2  and  B3=B2+A3 .... etc etc

2) Is it possible to get the RSQ ( fitness to line ) value for a column.

Both of these are fairly simple in Excel, but I am having trouble doing them within Rapidminer.

Thank you in advance 


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    cliftonarmscliftonarms Member Posts: 32 Contributor II
    Since I have not had any replies I can only assume that this is not possible within Rapidminer..?
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    awchisholmawchisholm RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 458 Unicorn

    To answer the first question, you could use operators in the time series extension such as Lag and Differentiate. There are some examples here...

    The second question looks like it would require some calculations using macros and the Generate Attributes operator.

    So the summary is yes it will be possible but you may have to invest some time.


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