"Rapidminer vs. R"

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I have been tasked with looking into Rapidminer and its capabilities. I have some abilities with R, I won't claim to be anything close to an expert, and I have never attempted to use Rapidminer. Honestly even if I spend three months trying to learn Rapidminer I don't fee I will be able to give an informed opinion of its capabilities and limitations. Even for R I can not speak to any number of areas simply because I have never used them. Are any of you aware of a good article that compares R and Rapidminer or could you provide some high level categories where each is stronger. I have googled the topic and found several sites that claim to compare R, SAS, WEKA, Orange, and Rapidminer but the quality of information is pretty lacking. I also think it is hard for a single person to accurately assess so many different programs especially when they state upfront they barely spent any time trying to learn some of the programs.

Maybe at a high level, people could offer their thoughts on how R and Rapidminer compare on some general categories like statistical analysis, machine learning, graphing, ability to analyze large data sets, and how easy it is to learn.

Thank you for any responses.
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