"Execute R : writing to and reading from disk"

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I have an R script that downloads XML to disk, and then reads and parses the saved files.

The downloaded XML can be quite large, so the script splits the queries, downloads smaller files, and saves them all to a folder.

This process, however, doesn't seem to agree with Rapidminer:
Sep 27, 2015 3:18:01 PM INFO: [1] "1: error parsing attribute name\n2: attributes construct error\n3: Couldn't find end of Start Tag U line 22\n4: error parsing attribute name\n5: attributes construct error\n6: Couldn't find end of Start Tag U line 33\n7: error parsing attribute name\n8: attributes construct error\n9: Couldn't find end of Start Tag U line 37\n10: error parsing attribute name\n11: attributes construct error\n12: Couldn't find end of Start Tag U line 38\n13: error parsing attribute name\n14: attributes construct error\n15: Could ..." 
I assume this is due to the reading and writing from disk, as the script works when this component is not included.

Is there any way to enable this? I am sure this process could be implemented natively, but the R-script is already fully developed.

I appreciate any insight provided.

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