"RapidMiner-Server-CE-Installer-1.315 / Windows: Suicidal Service"

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I'm currently setting up a test machine using Windows Server 2012 R2, MySQL, Java 8 and RapidMiner-Server-CE-Installer-1.3.015. The installation went mostly according to plan (only the service registration was missing). So I start a console in privileged mode, cd into the <installdir>\bin directory and executed cmd /c service.bat install (cmd /c to prevent the .bat file from closing my console). I get the message "Service RapidMiner Server installed" and verify that it is present in the Services list. Now I start the service (either using the GUI or with net start RMS13015SVC) and verify that it is working fine. So far, no problem.

The weird stuff happens when shutting down the service (again, either using the GUI or with net stop RMS13015SVC). This not only stops the service, it also deletes it from the Services list. (WT...?)

If, after re-registering and re-starting the service using the procedure described above, I double-click the (still running) service in the list and try to change its startup type, I get the message "The specified service has been marked for deletion". So essentially, the service appears to flag itself for deletion right after startup. What is going on here, and how can I fix this?



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    first a warning: I'd be very surprised if Server 1.x and Java 8 worked together. You probably need either Java 7 or even Java 6.
    As to the problem, I have neither heard of it nor experienced it when working with the old version - and as Server 1.3 is too old for forum support, I'm afraid I can't really dig into it. You might want to google for JBoss 5 service problems on Windows. You might even try and install a fresh JBoss 5 you downloaded as a service and see if the problem appears as well. I don't think we changed the service.bat enough to cause such a weird behavior.

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