"Logistic Regression - Tests"

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I was working with Logitic Regression for the first time in Rapid Miner. I found that Rapid Miner produces results with just the co-efficients and none of the significnace tests are run. For Example - Hosmer Lemeshow Goodness of fit. I found something similar happening with Linear regression.

Is there a way to produce the significance tests and other regression diagnostics like residuals analysis etc?



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    You are clearly coming from the Stats camp (so am I). No, you will not find standard errors or t-stats in any major Data Mining software (Weka, RapidMIner, Knime, etc). If you need them you could try to use R and a package for Data Mining, Rattle. Check rattle.togaware.com. You will find info there.
  • prakash_sridharprakash_sridhar Member Posts: 8 Contributor II

    Thanks for your reply. I was actually using Rattle for the work I was doing. I was exploring if Rapid Miner could produce similar results. I like the Rapid Miner interface.

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