"generate aggregation after transpose twice"

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to do some filtering and other operations i had to transpose my data set and after using transpose operator again, i have my data set with another attribute called id which contains att_1, att_2 etc which were generated in the first transposing step, this is ok.
but now i need to perform generate aggregation, and when i tried to use it only this id attribute there, my other regular attributes can not be read or selected in the generate aggregation operator. after the second transpose in the result it shows id as special attribute and other 26 as regular attributes and generate attribute should be able to read regular attributes, but why it is fining only the special attribute id? please help me saying how can i select my regular attributes in the generate attribute operator.


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    If you can't select the attributes, but they are in the data, you can simply type their names in with the keyboard and the process will run fine.

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