"RapidAnalytics on Amazon Linux AMI"

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Hello All,

I had RapidAnalytics running on my local Machine for almost three months and now I would like to install it on the cloud, on a sub-domain of my site.

I've read a few similar topics and I tried to follow the instructions given to install RapidAnalytics on Amazon ec2 server with no success until now.

What I've done so far:
- I installed RapidAnalytics from command line with the no-gui mode using the installer .xml file.
      I left blank the "server_service_linux_variant" and "server_service_id" since I don't know what to use for Amazon linux AMI.
- The installation goes well and it is successful.
- Starting RapidAnalytics (./run.sh -b I get many errors but at the end I get "JBossAS [6.0.0.Final "Neo"] Started"
- I tried installing on different ports in case port 8080 was occupied by another application.

Has anyone succeded installing RapidAnalytics on Amazon ec2 with Amazon linux AMI?
I would really appriciate any help.


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