How to use value_series

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I'm unable to figure out how to specify value_series (the actual syntax) in the data file specified by the aml file. Does anyone have any examples of this?

Also, is there any documentation (except the tutorial and gui manual) that explains in more detail when to use nominal, binominal, polynominal and single_value, value_series? 

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    Hi Jørgen,
    the best thing to do if you approach value_series is to encode a series as an example, each point of time one attribute. For example if you would have this series:
    "9,2,5,1" then encode it as an example with the attributes "value1, value2, value3, value4". Multivariate time series might be encoded as "value1, value2, value3, value4, spectrum1, spectrum2, spectrum3, spectrum4" and so on...

    Binominal and Polynominal values are both nominal values, but binominal attributes allow only 2 values, polynominal attributes an arbitrary number.
    You should stick to single_values.

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